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Minnesota State College Southeast
A Technical & Community College

Transfer Pathways at MSC Southeast

Transfer Pathways LogoMinnesota State Transfer Pathways are designed so you can complete a specific associate degree at Minnesota State College Southeast and transfer on to a Minnesota State university to earn a bachelor’s degree without losing credits or taking extra courses. Transfer Pathways can be a great resource for saving time and money as you work toward graduation.

How does it work? 

If you complete a Transfer Pathway degree program at MSC Southeast and are admitted to any of the 7 Minnesota State Universities you will be guaranteed junior status and given assurance that all 60 college credits will count toward the related bachelor’s degree. (A student must still meet any special admission requirement for the major and is not guaranteed admission into the major itself.)

Is a Minnesota State Transfer Pathway program right for you?

A Minnesota State Transfer Pathway program might be right for you if one or more of the following is true:

  • You plan on attending a Minnesota State college
  • You plan on transferring to a Minnesota State university
  • You know (or have a general idea) of your major 

Which Transfer Pathways can I take at MSC Southeast?

MSC Southeast currently offers 12 different Transfer Pathways degrees and more will be added in the future! These degrees cover all or most of the general education credits that are required in the first two years of college, plus additional credits that apply specifically to the major students want to pursue when they transfer onward to a Minnesota State university. 

The college's Transfer Pathways degrees are:  

Transfer Pathways degrees will transfer directly to related 项目 at the seven Minnesota State universities: